The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker novel

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“The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker” is a complete technology book through which Jack C.Stanley teaches about the fast growing technology that enrolled the world.

The Silence of the Girls Overview

The Silence of the Girls is impressive in both implementation and uniqueness. It get us look at the Trojan War from the perspective of the women engaged. The majority of the story is told from the perspective of Briseis, the princess who was given to Achilles as a war prize. Barker delves deeper into the daily lives of the Trojan War’s fallen women. She exemplifies what it is like to become a slave. She illustrates the complexities of relationships between slaves and rulers, as well as the connection of Kings and princes fighting in a battle led by a truly horrendous man and King.

The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker
The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker

It’s a fantastic book about a fantastic and terrifying period. Pat Barker describes how the irrationality of war impacts soldiers as well as their family members in a setting thousands of years old with a powerful, quite certain tone. Achilles’ heartbreak is the most heartbreaking aspect of the story. There’s a lot here that reminds us of the violence of war as well as how women were used as a means of profit. Greek mythologies, especially those that involve warfare, are mainly represented from the male point of view. This story differs from the usual account of Achilles’ adventures during the Trojan War in that Briseis is the main character. There are some brilliant moments in this book.

The Silence of the Girls by Pat
The Silence of the Girls by Pat

To conclude, Pat Barker’s writing immerses you in the action. The narrative is direct and unshakable. You can smell the open fires, can see injured men, and believe the despair of the women who have been kidnapped. The novel’s strength is that it depicts these “heroes” away from the conflict in their shelters. Great writing is timeless and universal. The story’s emphasis is on the female characters presented by Homer in the Iliad, nearly all of whom have been abused both sexually and emotionally. It’s a fascinating read. It held my attention from the very first to the last page. From the point of view of a woman, the story is one of sadness and survival.

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