The Professor’s Date by Lane Hayes book

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“The Professor’s Date by Lane Hayes”. The Professor’s Date by Lane Hayes is a fiction, thriller, literature, redemption, paranormal, loss, grief, suspense and mystery novel that covers all the five main elements of a story plot, setting, conflict, characters, and theme.

The Professor’s Date Overview

The Professor’s Date is an MM hipster romance about a socially awkward professor, a soccer-playing hairdresser, and the search for the ideal date. It has an excellent plot, theme of the story, and characters. It’s a slow burn with several heartbreak, but then everything appears to work out in the end, and it’s lovely. Tommy and Noah are flawless together. Each one designed to fill in the gaps left by the other. This book is full of emotions. So many amusing moments. It’s absolutely delightful. It’s endearing, humorous, and sweet. I devoured the book in one sitting even though I couldn’t put it down, and I was heartbroken when it concluded. The epilogue’s feeling and rejuvenation serve as a regeneration for all of us.

The Professors Date by Lane Hayes
The Professors Date by Lane Hayes

Lane is an expert of dialogue who writes in the present moment. We get to see the relationship as it develops in real time. Despite being complete opposites in each and every manner, Noah and Thomas are apparently attracted to one another and share the cutest, organic chemistry. It’s a low-angst book, but I undoubtedly shed some few tears and was left with both the warm and fuzzies. This book addresses discriminatory practices, homophobic violent behavior, and the loss of family as a result of racism and sexism. Because these are evidently sensitive subjects, there are several touching moments. Nonetheless, the as a whole tone of the book is sweet and deeply moving rather than heart wrenching.

The Professors Date by Lane Hayes book 1
The Professors Date by Lane Hayes book 1

To sum it up, this book has a wonderful and moving story that reminds us how difficult it is for many gay individuals to speak out to their friends and loved ones. This is the best story in the series as of now. This is a delightful, unforeseen romance. Excellent writing. The writer once again provides us with distinct, pleasant, and adorable characters, some of whom are a little weird. Tommy and Noah hit it on each and every level. The chemistry has been perfect and on point at all times. This is really a great story regarding letting go of a horrible history and permitting yourself to appreciate the value of genuine unconditional love and acceptance, written with brilliance, humor, and sensitivity. This book is so flirtatious and enjoyable. It has some dramatic moments and some deep memories.

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