The Passenger Book 1 of 2 by Alexandra Bracken novel

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The Passenger Book 1 of 2 by Alexandra Bracken. The Passenger Book 1 of 2 by Alexandra Bracken novel is a fiction, thriller, literature, redemption, paranormal, loss, grief, suspense and mystery novel that covers all the five main elements of a story plot, setting, conflict, characters, and theme.

The Passenger Book 1 of 2 by Alexandra Bracken overview

Etta Spencer, a violin prodigy, loses everything she knows and loves in one tragic night. Etta knows only one thing for sure: she has travelled not just miles, but years, away from home. She has been thrust into a new world by a stranger with a sinister intent. And she received an inheritance from a family whose existence she had never heard of, a legacy about which she knew nothing. Before now.

The Passenger Book 1 of 2 by Alexandra Bracken novel 1
The Passenger Book 1 of 2 by Alexandra Bracken novel 1

Nicholas Carter is happy living at sea, free from the Ironwoods, a wealthy family in the colonies, and the slavery he was previously subjected to. However, with the peculiar passenger’s arrival on his ship comes the inescapable pull of the past and the family that won’t let him go so simply. The Ironwoods are currently looking for a stolen item of unimaginable value that they think only Nicholas’ travel companion Etta can find. Whether she wants to or not, he must make sure she returns it to them in order to protect her.

The Passenger Book 1 of 2 by Alexandra Bracken
The Passenger Book 1 of 2 by Alexandra Bracken

Together, Etta and Nicholas set out on a treacherous adventure across time and space, piecing together the trail of clues left by the wanderer who will stop at nothing to keep the artefact out of the Ironwoods’ hands. But as they grow closer to discovering the true nature of their search and the deadly game the Ironwoods are engaged in, nefarious forces pose a threat to permanently cut off Etta from Nicholas and her way home.

In quest of a significant relic, Nicholas and Julian are making their way to a monastery. A storm is approaching. Nicholas advises them to make camp and move on the following day. Julian insisted that they go on. Then it starts to rain. A cliff is traversed by Julian. Julian stumbles while Nicholas tries to catch him.

Etta looks at her mother’s paintings, which depict locations Rose visited prior to Etta’s birth. At her pre-debut tonight, Etta will play the violin. Her mother presents her with a stunning pair of old-fashioned earrings.

Alice, Etta’s instructor, is present. She announces that she needs to make a brief call after spotting Etta’s jewellery. After warming up, Etta worries about Alice and starts looking for her. She hears Alice tell Rose Etta that she isn’t prepared. She is, Rose affirms. Etta is enraged by Alice’s lack of confidence in her abilities.

Etta enters the stage uneasy. She continues to play until she hears screaming. It is not audible to the audience. She stutters through her performance and exits the stage.

Etta sees Alice bleeding after hearing a shooting. Dead is Alice. Etta is pushed into a stairwell by a woman named Sophia who has an old-fashioned appearance. The air is buzzing and vibrating. She emerges from the water wearing an outdated outfit.

The Ardent is captured by Nicholas and Captain Hall’s crew in search of two female passengers. The upshot of their onslaught is the breaking of a mast. A lovely blonde woman is thrown into the water by it. Nicholas comes to her aid.

While feeling seasick, Sophia informs the men that she and Etta are sisters. They are being transported to New York City by ship. Sophia and Nicholas are obviously aware of and hostile toward one another. Sophia learns Etta has never travelled across time before.

Etta is warned by Sophia not to tell the workers anything. The capacity to travel through time is a parent-inherited trait. Etta understands that this is what her mother and Alice were debating. The genuine last name of her mother is Linden. All around the earth, fissure-like tunnels allow for time travel. Etta gains knowledge about Sophia’s family and time travel. Sophia gains knowledge of the future.

Etta makes the decision that she must win over the crew in order to learn the origin of the ship and make an attempt to get home. She begins by treating the young Jack. He tells her about each of the crew members while he styles her hair. Jack is picked up by Chase for supper. Etta follows after them.

They reach New York City ten days later. In a little rowboat, Nicholas, Etta, and Sophia come ashore. Etta is shocked by the stench and squalor in the city. According to Nicholas, he was born here in 1757. He is an unnaturally born Ironwood child; his mother was one of the family’s slaves. His mother was sold. He and Chase were raised by Captain Hall and his wife.

They enter the Ironwood home and proceed through the first-floor pub and second-floor private rooms. In his bedroom, Cyrus Ironwood is waiting for them by himself. He tells Sophia to leave the room.

Until Etta locates the astrolabe, Cyrus is holding Etta’s mother as a hostage. It looks through passages to assess their consistency and the amount of time on the opposite side. He claims that the Ironwoods own it. The last person to possess it was Rose. Cyrus believes Etta to be the only one who can locate the relic. Etta receives a letter from her mother from Cyrus. Etta is familiar with the code because her mother has used it since Etta was a young child. Etta has nine days to deliver Cyrus the astrolabe. To try, she consents.

Etta and Sophia spend the night in the same room. She learns Sophia and Julian were engaged. Sophia believes Nicholas intentionally killed Julian. Although she didn’t love Julian, Sophia did greatly like him and wanted to wed him to get respect among the travelling population. Etta is aware of how difficult it is to be a woman at this period.

Cyrus is urged by Nicholas to rethink his proposal to Etta. He refuses. In order to make sure she completes the assignment, he wants Nicholas to accompany her as his spy. Nick declines. At this time and location, Cyrus offers him the entire Ironwood fortune. He concurs.

To relax, Nicholas takes a stroll. In the distance, he notices Etta running by. He senses that she has passed through a doorway. He pursues her quickly and passes through.

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