Only You by Samantha Young book

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Only You by Samantha Young is a heartwarming contemporary romance novel that tells the story of a young woman named Elena who is struggling to move on from a painful past, and the charming bartender, Nate, who helps her find love again.

Only You by Samantha Young overview

Elena has had a difficult time after the end of her previous relationship. She moves back to Edinburgh to start a new life and lands a job as a teacher. It is there where she meets Nate, a charming bartender who captures her heart with his charismatic personality. As they grow closer, Elena finds herself opening up to him and letting go of the pain from her past. However, things are not that simple as both Nate and Elena have their own fears and insecurities to overcome.

Only You by Samantha Young
Only You by Samantha Young

The novel showcases the power of love, the importance of second chances, and the strength that lies in perseverance. It is a story that is sure to tug at the heartstrings and leave readers feeling warm and fuzzy.

Book detail

  • Book name: Only You
  • Author name: Samantha Young
  • Publish date: May 18, 2021
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance

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