Miss Devoted by Grace Burrowes book

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Miss Devoted by Grace Burrowes is a historical romance novel that takes readers on a journey back in time to Regency-era England. The book tells the story of Miss Ophelia Haddon, a woman who has dedicated her life to caring for her family, and the charming Lord Dominic Lacey, who threatens to upend her world.

Miss Devoted by Grace Burrowes overview

The novel begins with Ophelia living a quiet and unassuming life in the country, tending to her family’s needs and never dreaming of anything more. But when Lord Dominic arrives in town, he quickly becomes enamored with Ophelia’s quiet grace and gentle nature.

Miss Devoted by Grace Burrowes
Miss Devoted by Grace Burrowes

Despite their differences in station and temperament, Ophelia and Dominic find themselves drawn to each other. But as they navigate the complexities of their newfound love, they must also contend with the disapproval of society and the dark secrets of Ophelia’s past.

As the two lovers struggle to overcome the obstacles in their path, they must also confront their own fears and insecurities, and learn to trust in each other’s love.

Book detail

  • Book name: Miss Devoted
  • Author name: Grace Burrowes
  • Publish date: April 6, 2021
  • Genre: Historical Romance

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