Liberation Day by George Saunders Novel

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George Saunders Liberation Day is beautifully composed of short stories. This novel mostly focus on morality and knowing right from wrong. Some are futuristic, some are about politics (both government and workplace), some are about love, one is about a house as a possession.

Liberation Day by George Saunders Overview

This is a collection of short stories with a variety of themes, the majority of which are dystopian and in some way fantastical. There are nine stories in the book, and the first one, “Liberation Day,” is the longest (about 28% of the book). I didn’t enjoy the first story very much. It’s more like a futuristic science fiction story about slavery in the future. It is told through the eyes of one of the victims. It is a gloomy depiction of the future and the manner in which those individuals accept it, with their priorities completely misaligned. You also may like No One Left to Come Looking for You by Sam Lipsyte Book.

Liberation Day by George Saunders
Liberation Day by George Saunders

The “best short story writer in English” (Time) is back with a masterful collection that gets right to the heart of what it means to live in community with other people and looks at concepts like power, ethics, and justice. Saunders continues to challenge and surprise with his trademark prose, which is wickedly funny, unassuming, and perfectly tuned: Stories about joy and despair, oppression and revolution, bizarre fantasy and brutal reality, and deeply resonant prisms are collected here.

In the midst of a dystopian political situation in the not-too-distant future, “Love Letter” is a tender letter from a grandfather to his grandson that reminds us of our obligations to our ideals, ourselves, and each other. “Ghoul” takes place in a Colorado underground amusement park with a Hell-themed section and follows the adventures of Brian, a lonely, morally complex character who begins to question everything he takes for granted about his “reality.” In “Mother’s Day,” in the midst of a hailstorm, two women who both loved the same man come to an existential decision. In addition, our eighty-nine-year-old protagonist in “Elliott Spencer” finds himself the victim of a scheme in which vulnerable, poor people are reprogrammed and used as political protesters. His memory is “scraped.”

Liberation Day novel
Liberation Day novel

A case can be made for viewing the world with the same generosity and clear-eyed attention that Saunders does, even in the most absurd of circumstances, when these nine subversive, profound, and essential stories are taken together. You also may like When We Had Wings by Ariel Lawhon Novel.

While some of the stories provoke thought, others are merely forgettable. All of this, in my opinion, will be determined by your individual tastes. The author has done an excellent job of creating the necessary atmosphere for each one. The issue is that they won’t all work for you just because of the atmosphere. This is not my first George Saunders book; I read Lincoln in the Bardo a few years ago and had some issues with it, in addition to the book’s format. The stories in Liberation Day are interesting as concepts, but how they are actually carried out varies from person to person.

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