How the Wallflower was Won by Eva Leigh novel

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“How the Wallflower was Won” is a heartfelt, fiction and secret novel that plots the three kin they are stowing away from one another for some particular explanation

How the Wallflower was Won Overview

How the Wallflower was Won is a classic refined by a master. It’s graciously, openly sexy. This story not only does it well, but it also addresses the interconnection of gender and class. This book is notable for its wonderful dirty talk and stunning writing style. A fascinating series debut from an author on the verge of breaking through. Eva Leigh is a fantastic author. Her novels are a romantic’s dream. Leigh’s actresses are complex, vibrant characters who appear to have wandered out of an admirable place and time and not only because of the satisfactory, sexy romance have they to go to experience.

How the Wallflower was Won by Eva Leigh
How the Wallflower was Won by Eva Leigh

It’s a burst of energy, a breath of fresh air. It’s everything marvelous and thrilling you could want. How the Wallflower Was Won is a warm and wet and captivating historical romance about a marriage based on convenience. It’s the second book in the series, but it can be read as a stand-alone. However, it will be more satisfying if read in order, as protagonists from the earlier novels appear throughout. The moments between Finn and Tabitha are extremely steamy. It has a fantastic cast of supporting characters. The diversification and commitment of the Benezra library team, as well as the villains in the Sterling Society, have been outstanding.

How the Wallflower was Won by Eva
How the Wallflower was Won by Eva

To summarize, this is a captivating historical romance with powerful and believable messages and a raunchy love story. Finn and Tabitha have a wonderful opposites-attract relationship. Both are completely undermined by the other, making for some heated scenes. Each character is troubled by deep insecurity. It’s a real page-turner. We have fantastic leads who stand firm on their individual as well as together; a wonderful love story that will make you shiver; a likeable supporting cast; and a completely effective story that instantly reminded us of our identity and worth. There are numerous lovely quiet intimate scenes in this book. There are also some nice tidbits stuffed throughout the book.

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