Flirting with Darkness by May Sage novel

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“Flirting with Darkness”  is tragic sentiment, grown-up and fiction novel which depicts the adoration and energy of Tobias and Tris.

Flirting with Darkness Overview

Flirting with Darkness is a fantastic novella (less than 200 pages) set in the world of author’s most latest series. This is a book-length anthology. This is a comprehensive novel. One story would end with unresolved issues, but not in a cliffhanger kind of way. There isn’t another book like it yet, but it’s such a great storyline and the climax isn’t sudden, so it is well completed. It’s a great read with excellent storytelling. This little gem is a fascinating story. It’s hot and keeps you guessing. The characters and plot will keep you interested. The author has written a fantastic short story.

Flirting with Darkness by May
Flirting with Darkness by May

Flirting with Darkness is an excellent collection of stories by a number of talented authors. It’s a brief but thoroughly enjoyable adult fairytale about Darina, her sleepless journey to her destiny, and how she discovers she is so much more than she ever dreamed. It’s fast-paced, well-written, and unique, and it kept my attention throughout and surprised me with the conclusion. This book has made me eagerly await the next novel in the series. This boxed set contains a number of intriguing stories. There are some incredible authors in this anthology.

Flirting with Darkness by May Sage
Flirting with Darkness by May Sage

To summarize, Flirting with Darkness is fiery and intriguing. This is a fantastic read. A well-written, engrossing paranormal romance that will hook, edge, and changeup you.   It’s a fantastic novella, thrilling and action-packed. Despite its being short, it is jam-packed with excitement, heat, and a compelling storyline. It has well-developed characters and a plotline that managed to keep me guessing. Misdeeds by May Sage is a fantastic read that can be finished in one sitting. It is suffused with warmth. This is a quick read, but Jewel has created a story that will hook you, retain you guessing, and leave you desiring more.

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