Bound to the Bounty Hunter by Hayson Manning book

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“Bound to the Bounty Hunter by Hayson Manning “. This is the first book of the series of Robert Landon and in this series, mysterious symbols were discussed and the professor said every mysterious symbol has some meaning.

Bound to the Bounty Hunter Overview

Bound to the Bounty Hunter combines comedic, sentimental, and mischievous elements into one unstoppable pack. The plot is reminiscent of Cinderella: a good hard working girl, a handsome young man who wishes to keep her secure and protect her from damage, and afterwards her being saved from her tough life by someone. You will become completely engrossed in this story. This book is a brilliant combination of just about everything you desire from a romantic suspense novel. It has interesting characters, a high-stakes plotline, authentic cracks up, and highly flammable chemistry. The twisty-tight plot forces the two opposing characters to interact.

Bound to the Bounty Hunter by Hayson Manning
Bound to the Bounty Hunter by Hayson Manning

Ms. Manning exposes points of interest, suspense, along with one of her best looking male characters, Harlan Franco, in “Bound to the Bounty Hunter.” The leading lady is sympathetic, funny, has strong character intensity, and a captivating backstory. “Bound to the Bounty Hunter” develops the reader’s expectation of Harlan and Sophie’s unavoidable conflicts, enthusiasm, and page-turning chemistry with its cat and mouse backstory. The cast of strong supporting characters ensures that the narratives of both Harlan and Sophie’s mates extend the plot. It’s a wonderful beach or wet and windy day read. This is an incredible story. This entire book held my attention the entire time.

Bound to the Bounty Hunter by Hayson
Bound to the Bounty Hunter by Hayson

To summarize, from the first page, this book is action-packed. Harlan is indeed an alpha male compelled to reclaim control, while Sophie is simply determined not to lose herself under the regulation of some other man. This book is filled with anger and resentment and a variety of feels.   As Sophie tries to find for answers and Harlan attempts to keep her safe, this book is packed of wonder, threat, curiosity, and dramatic tension. This is a highly amusing, steaming hot book that will retain you flipping through the pages. This talented writer’s story is a must-read for everyone. Mystery, action, and romance all stretched into one riveting story. If you enjoy all of that, this is the book for you.

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