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“Angels of the Resistance vividly depicts a fiercely loyal and profoundly emotional sisterhood.” —Kate Quinn, author of The Rose Code, a New York Times bestseller.

A true story of brave women who risked everything for country, family, and each other comes from the bestselling author of The Flight Girls.

Lien Vinke, a fourteen-year-old, worries that the reality of war is unavoidable as bombs drop across Europe. Although she leads a tranquil life in the little town of Haarlem with her mother and older sister, Elif, they are no strangers to pain, having lately experienced an irreparable loss. And when the Nazis invade the Netherlands, Lien finds the perfect atonement by joining Elif in the Dutch resistance. You may love to read A Dangerous Business by Jane Smiley eBook.


The sisters are lethal wolves in sheep’s clothes since their deceased father taught them how to shoot. They quickly become involved in the underground organisation, making friends with the other young recruits, and Lien even finds a fellow traveller in a guy by the name of Charlie. However, in times of conflict, having strong emotional bonds is a disadvantage she cannot afford, particularly when a mission with a very personal purpose threatens everything she values most—her relationships, her family, and her one chance at redemption.

A stunning tour-de-force is this tale of two young sisters who risk everything to join the Dutch Resistance. the bestselling author of The Black Swan of Paris, Karen Robards

Right… When I introduced Angels Of The Resistance, I certainly didn’t anticipate this to occur. When I learned that this novel was set in WWII Haarlem, the Netherlands, I knew that I HAD to read it. It’s not often that I get to travel to a city near to the town where I was born in a story. The fact that Haarlem was described as a little town—which it most certainly is not—made me slightly nervous, but I was hoping it would simply be a minor error and the remainder of the story would make up for it. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be between Angels Of The Resistance and myself.

I had such high expectations for the historical backdrop because I rarely get to travel to The Netherlands during World War II and it’s always either Rotterdam or Amsterdam that get the attention. One of the reasons I was interested in reading Angels Of The Resistance was that Haarlem, which I had visited numerous times throughout my childhood, was prominently featured. I was probably immediately irritated by this story because of this in part. Since the 13th century, Haarlem has had city rights, and there were around 140.000 residents there throughout the war (yes, I checked). So it was incredibly annoying to hear it called a small town so many times.Furthermore, it was also referred to as a “town by the sea,” as though the characters could quickly walk to the shore (they are in for a LONG walk if they want to do that, trust me). Although I’m sure those who aren’t familiar with The Netherlands wouldn’t be offended by this, it disappointed me personally.

I had a lot of trouble with the primary characters as well. It was incredibly challenging for me to remain focused and care about Lien’s fate because I never warmed up to her at all. Her self-blame-centered attitude about everything certainly became tiresome quickly. And why are those names being used?Elif is obviously not a name that originated in the Netherlands or was popular then, and it started to irritate me every time it appeared. I wasn’t sure how true the Dutch image was overall up to that moment; it mainly felt like an American perception of what life would have been like in the Netherlands at the time.

Additionally, I found the writing style to be rather annoying in some way. I’m not sure why, but I really found it difficult to stay motivated to read, and I started skimming before the halfway point simply to get it over with. For a work of historical fiction, Angels Of The Resistance was also unusually vivid, and horrific incidents are recounted in great detail.Not to mention the attempted rapes and more heated situations… Everything was simply too direct and took focus away from the plot rather than adding to it. The overall tone didn’t feel right for a historical fiction book, and the conversations and events seemed almost forced.

Though I am aware that not everyone is as disappointed by this story as I am… The majority of readers appear to have enjoyed this book.Since various readers respond differently to a writing style and specific elements, I suppose that not having a thorough understanding of Haarlem and Dutch culture will help immensely. I merely wanted to offer my opinion in case Angels Of The Resistance wasn’t working for someone else. Given the positive evaluations, there is a good probability that you will enjoy this narrative more than I did, even though I came near to doing so more than once.

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